CHYEAH! They did it again!

Posted on August 20, 2013


OHMYGOD! Did a solar eclipse just recently occur? My top two favorite groups just so happened to make a return at the same time with super awesome tracks!  I was just so totally overwhelmed by EXO’s ‘Growl‘ (came out on Aug 1) and BAP’s ‘Badman‘ (followed closely on Aug 6) that I could not process my thoughts, let alone write coherent sentences. I died so many times and every time I bounced back to life I was not sure my soul was intact.  Arrggh these boys! You guys can’t do this to noona, it’s unfair!!! Give me back my normal life!

I know, I know… I have yet to write my reviews of both songs, but these past few weeks I’ve been busy with work/real life stuff plus I was on a long vacation to Japan early this month (woot woot!). Before I proceed to those reviews though, I feel like kick-starting with a little intermezzo – news of the week if you will – to warm up a bit. You know, things that are totally worth a mention or two. Pointer: It’s not the first time this has happened.

1. BAP is no. 1 on the Billboard’s World Album Chart (again) with their third EP ‘Badman

BAP Seoul

They did it the first time with ‘One Shot‘ back in March, and this week they did it again with ‘Badman‘! CHYEAHH baby!! (with Yong Guk’s accent) I am a proud fan here. These boys have worked so hard to continuously deliver music with the utmost quality for us fans – and it has paid off. This achievement is well-deserved. Some people might think that topping Billboard’s World Album is no big deal, but big or small it is still a notable accomplishment to me. I’m just happy that they get more and more popular internationally. No wins on Korean music shows so far? Big deal! I personally don’t give two shits about that. As an international fan, seeing them gain recognition and fans rapidly outside of their home country is enough contentment for me. (I still marvel at how many people come to see them at NYC’s MTVK a few months ago. The boys were apparently very well-received over there. I spazzed out with everyone present there although I could only watch them through my laptop screen.) Anyways, cheers to BAP and Babyz/Warriors around the world for this is a celebratory moment. Keep up the good work, BAP! Love you always!

2. EXO made a guest appearance (again) on Weekly Idol

exo weekly idol

Their first guesting was just a couple weeks ago (early July I think?) and they came back already. (Not that I’m complaining, EXO on Weekly Idol, or any other variety shows for that matter just makes me a happy camper.) It’s nothing surprising though considering the first one garnered the highest viewer ratings ever for the show. Will they break another record with the second one? We will see. I think both episodes were equally hysterical, though the latest one disclosed more of the members’ personalities and quirks. Hyung Don and Defconn just knew what they were doing to bring out the hilarious moments and laughter out of everyone. Here were my favorite bits:

The July episode:

  • Doni speaking to Kai in Japanese out of the blue “Are you Japanese?” (That totally had me falling off my chair)
  • Then Conni asking Chen and Baek Hyun “Do you like dimsum?” (Oh so random lol)
  • The adorkable boys awkwardly showing off their superpowers. (Chen-chen’s lightning’s sound effect and Se Hun’s ineffectual blow of wind. Lol, These kids were too cute for words.)
  • Xiu Min’s high notes (SM please give him more lines!!!)
  • The squishiest member – Kyung Soo – working that giant hammer with a straight face.
  • The other expressionless member – the unicorn – healing people in earnest. Ohh how can you not love these two?
  • Kris claiming himself a naturally gifted drawing artist. (Was he being delusional or he just had bad vision? LMAO 亦凡,你眼光有问题啦! )
  • Tao’s flustered reaction at the flying wushu stick. (Haha so much for the fierce kungfu panda!)
  • Yi Xing’s ticklish neck. Ohhh my Lay feels. (His poker face got totally pwned! Now we all know the secret trick to crack that JPEG face. And I loved his laughs! You are too adorable, Lay!)

The August episode:

  • Lu Han resorting to singing with a helpless expression during his full shot camera time, not knowing what to do. (Aww he is always awkward on varieties, but his natural cuteness and innocent reactions put a smile on my face.)
  • Tao’s cute reaction when the nun-chucks flew off his hand. (Panda failed again.)
  • SELU! and KaiLu and SeKai! Misbehaving maknaes and the hyung that looked so much younger than the dongsaengs =D! I loved how Kai hit Se Hun so hard in vengeance – without the slightest hesitation. There was so much butt-kicking, butt-groping and ehmmm, let’s not forget Kai’s sexy ass.
  • DO’s super adorable face when he laughed.
  • Baek Hyun’s quips and sass. This kid knew his way with words.
  • Xiu Min voluntarily leaving his hot seat when Baek Hyun did his personal ranking and then Secret Garden OST popped up in the background. (LMAO This just cracked me up so much. You got my sympathy vote, Woo Min!)
  • Lay’s breathtaking dance! He was just hot period *le dies (more on this below)
  • Chen-sing Machine shuffling and Yeol dropping his mic due to his over-the-top moves. (And the reactions of the other members to this haha)
  • How Lu Han grabbed Chen-chen and Chan Yeol (instead of the other members) to dance along with him to A-Pink’s ‘No No No‘.
  • Chen’s contagious cheerfulness. He was always chirpy and smiley, even when he got ranked 11th twice in a row. Haha. I know the whole visual rating thing was nothing serious, but still, poor baby.  Don’t ever lose heart, Chen-chen. You’ll always be Kim Soo Hyun 2.0 to me.
  • Basically every single facial expression Lu Han made throughout the show. (He is just the total opposite of that JPEG- Yi Xing. Both are cute all the same though.)

My only complaint about the show would be Kris not getting enough screen time. I think if they showed him more it would generate more lol-worthy moments because c’mon, Kris is actually a big dork behind that cool facade.

Now tell me how in the world could you not love these 12 nice adorable precious boys, or even dislike them? I know some Exo stans out there can be so immature, batshit crazy or even outright psychotic – and their outrageous behaviors reflect badly on EXO, but seriously the boys themselves do not deserve the hate cuz they’ve done nothing wrong. It’s fans like them that piss me off the most because they give EXO, who’ve done all the good work – and us, level-headed fans – a bad rep. These uncontrollable teenage fans should realize that these boys, how extraordinary they are, are not gods, for God’s sake. They’re not perfect perfect. They’re human beings, created by God with weaknesses, limitations and of course… feelings, so please treat them as ones! *Protective noona mode fully activated. Also, to those who hate on EXO (or anyone else really) only because of the crazy fandom, I think you’re being plain ridiculous. I don’t get your logic. Hey look, X got a crush on Y, but since I hate X, therefore I should hate Y. WTF.

3. EXO destroyed my bias list (again) with a certain someone stealing my ultimate bias spot from someone else (yes, for the n th time!)

Lu Han has been overthrown, people! (Sorry, Xiao Lu, your time is up!) I guess it’s pretty clear who this person is as it’s been hinted above and also in my previous EXO post.


Dammit, Yi Xing! I never knew you would made it to the top. You just had to do that, didn’t you? Again, I’ve said so much about him and his charms in that other post, but to put it simply, this guy right here is almost perfect. He’s such an all-rounder. He can sing, dance, compose music, play the guitar, and play the piano like a PRO! Ah did I mention dance? He is the real dancing machine, yo! Like the real deal! That dance he did on Weekly Idol sealed the deal for me! My mouth was hanging open like Lu Han (:O) the entire duration he danced. Yi Xing, that was hot! I could barely breathe. *Fans self

I love how he is the cute shy unicorn off-stage, but when performing on stage, he rocks the stage like it’s nobody else’s business. He’s a fierce beast brimming with confidence and charisma when he dances. His moves are always sharp and on point, and that’s where he differs from Kai. Kai is naturally more fluid and smooth, I think, being the jazz/ballet dancer that he is. Regardless of the different styles, both of them are great dancers, though a lot of times Kai just comes off as a bit too suave to my liking. It’s as if he does modeling while dancing. (Them sexy poses and seductive expressions. Ha.)

Gifts and talent aside, I love how hardworking and modest Lay is. You can tell that he’s a passionate and dedicated person. And in the end, I must admit that he is darn good-looking. Call me shallow but I don’t wanna act all hypocritical. Major reason why he’s gotten a lot more attractive to me lately has to do with the fact that he got rid of his Wolf-era hideous blonde hair. Asians generally look better with darker hair and it’s proven here. Lay just looks 1000x better with his current hair cut/color. And don’t forget his bewitching dimples that could instantly electrify us fangirls! Awgggh…Isn’t this guy just the whole package? Love, love, love!

4. Baek Hyun and Chen blew me away (again) with their phenomenal vocals on Immortal Song 2

This explains why Bacon was my first ever EXO bias. I officially turned into an Exotic after I listened to ‘What is Love‘ (both the K and M versions) for the first time.  Yes the song was great, but if it wasn’t for Baek’s and Chen’s amazing vocals, I wouldn’t be sold on EXO. If their voices and vocal abilities won my attention back then, now they have completely owned my heart with their beautiful, heartfelt rendition of ‘Really I didn’t Know‘ on Immortal Song 2. I have no words to describe how mind-blowing their performance was. Gosh their high notes sent me chills down my spine. These boys deserve my standing ovation. Now I can confidently certify that these two belong in the same league as Big Bang’s Dae Sung and BAP’s Dae Hyun. Also, I find it interesting how in EXO it is the tiniest members who actually possess the big pipes. (The four main vocalists plus Xiu Min are all so fluffy compared to the rest of the pack.)

Anyways, I’m running out of superlatives, so just watch the clip below (cr: shineband exo) and get ready because your soul is about to leave your body. And if you have overactive tear ducts, a hanky would come in handy.

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