Fluffy Unicorn + Squishy Bacon = A Perfect Combo

Posted on August 29, 2013


Dear Heavens, this just made my day. It was SO. CUTE.

(YT credit goes to sophie elf)

Look at that fluffy unicorn!!! He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!!!

*Coughs* Sorry I just had to let that out. My whole system just got short-circuited by the cute overload which resulted in me puking rainbows. I felt all giddy inside when I was watching that snippet of EXO on Shimshimtapa Radio. These two cutie pies were doing all sorts of things to me my poor heart just could not handle it.

One thing I know about EXO is that they’ve always been naturally adorable when they’re off stage, so squeal-inducing stuff like this really isn’t new at all. But this!! I just had to highlight this punishment cut because I am severely Lay-biased these days and he totally killed me in this video! He took it to a whole nother level with his drop-dead gorgeous smile and infectious cute laugh.

Yi Xing sweetie, you gave me a spaz attack every time you looked at the camera while beaming brightly with your irresistible dimples. I was like a fish out of the water flopping helplessly searching for Oxygen. Then when he switched back to his default mode, i.e.  the clueless/innocent face, I just wanted to cuddle him badly. This baby unicorn was just too precious. ❤ He’s got the ability to instantly heal my foul mood.

As if that was not enough, this unicorn was paired with a squishy puppy named Bacon. He, too, was freakin’ adorbs in his own mischievous way. I saw what you did there with the spoon, poopsie! Lol. His stealthy glances and that flirty smile on his tiny face made me want to squeeze him. And they way he crushed the ice by instinctively slamming it against the couch leg was just golden. Naughty Bacon and innocent Lay made the best OTP indeed. Their contrasting personalities just made them so entertaining to watch.

The punishment itself seemed like so much fun, too. I felt like I was watching two little kids in a kindergarten cooking class. ‘OK kids, walk hand in hand and find the scattered ingredients together!’ (That’s exactly what I did in kindergarten when we had to search for Easter eggs in the school’s backyard.) The camerawoman talked to them as if they were five years old or something, which was just endearing. She sounded very sweet guiding the boys to complete their assignment: “Please think about what is usually in a Pat Bingsoo.” “Where would the ice be kept?” (“Oooh! the freezer!!!”) “Please be careful!” “What is the name of your dish?” (“I’m crying” “It’s noisy”) haha CUTE!

That was not all, though. Towards the end of the video, there seemed to be another adorable creature joining in the fest: a hungry stray kitten crouching for a spoonful of condensed milk. Aww, look at that cherubic wide-eyed expression when he stared at the camera. Kyung Soo, were you begging me to kidnap you? ‘Cuz I’d sure have no problem doing that.

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