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Review: EXO’s ‘Miracles in December’

December 8, 2013


LUHAN’S HEAVENLY VOICEEEEE!!! /UGLY SOBBING/ Oh my body’s ready to rant and rave but I think I won’t be coherent for a while. Too many damn feels plus it’s been a while since I last wrote properly. (I kinda got sucked into Tumblr and had too much fun there. Kinda embarrassing to admit but yeahh […]

张艺兴: 我完美的治愈独角兽

October 7, 2013


兴兴宝贝,在这特别的一天,我想给你最真诚的祝福:生日快乐!!祝你幸福,祝你健康,祝你成功! 我爱你!! Happy birthday, my dearest Xing-xing!! ❤ Please stay precious and always be the amazing Lay that you are. Do not ever change because you are special in your sweet, humble, and earnest way, bb! You deserve all the good things in the world. Just know that this noona loves you, believes in you and […]

KPop Review: BAP’s ‘Badman’

September 30, 2013


Time for ‘Badman’. I know this is way overdue and the excitement is long gone, but the song goes hard I got to let my thoughts out. To start off, BAP is finally back to their original hip-hop+rock root (or their signature sound, if you will) with hard-hitting music, powerful vocals, badass raps, and a profound […]

KPop Review: EXO’s ‘Growl’

September 11, 2013


So I decided to write about ‘Growl‘ prior to ‘Badman‘ just because it came out first and it was much easier to delve into than the latter. ‘Badman‘ called for intelligent commentaries and careful interpretations of the MV/lyrics, thus necessitated my active brain cells to twerk, while ‘Growl‘ on the other hand was just… pure […]

Fluffy Unicorn + Squishy Bacon = A Perfect Combo

August 29, 2013


Dear Heavens, this just made my day. It was SO. CUTE. (YT credit goes to sophie elf) Look at that fluffy unicorn!!! He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!!! *Coughs* Sorry I just had to let that out. My whole system just got short-circuited by the cute overload which resulted in me puking rainbows. I felt all […]

The Fantastic Four

August 27, 2013


My Goodness. This cover of ‘Open Arms‘ by EXO’s main vocals Baek Hyun, Chen, D.O, and Lu Han on A Song For You was simply beautiful it melted me into a puddle of goo. My feels were just ineffable. I’m still in awe, y’all! God bless these talented kids. I know I’m a fan of EXO […]

CHYEAH! They did it again!

August 20, 2013


OHMYGOD! Did a solar eclipse just recently occur? My top two favorite groups just so happened to make a return at the same time with super awesome tracks!  I was just so totally overwhelmed by EXO’s ‘Growl‘ (came out on Aug 1) and BAP’s ‘Badman‘ (followed closely on Aug 6) that I could not process my […]

Update + Review: BAP’s ‘Hurricane’

July 29, 2013


Whew, I think I got a whiplash from going back and forth between BAP and EXO. But these two have been rollin’ at full throttle these days they set my ‘loof’ on fiyahhhh! There’s no stopping me now. News flash: BAP will soon drop their third summer title track on the heels of ‘Hurricane‘ and […]