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KPop Review: BAP’s ‘Badman’

September 30, 2013


Time for ‘Badman’. I know this is way overdue and the excitement is long gone, but the song goes hard I got to let my thoughts out. To start off, BAP is finally back to their original hip-hop+rock root (or their signature sound, if you will) with hard-hitting music, powerful vocals, badass raps, and a profound […]

Update + Review: BAP’s ‘Hurricane’

July 29, 2013


Whew, I think I got a whiplash from going back and forth between BAP and EXO. But these two have been rollin’ at full throttle these days they set my ‘loof’ on fiyahhhh! There’s no stopping me now. News flash: BAP will soon drop their third summer title track on the heels of ‘Hurricane‘ and […]

KPop Review: BAP’s ‘Coffee Shop’

July 9, 2013


This new single is GOLDEN – and coupled with the MV, it is perfection. It is almost flawless that I seriously got nothing to nitpick on. Once again, BAP hits it out of the park with another unpredictable yet mind-blowing comeback. I planned on including my thoughts on ‘Coffee Shop‘ in the KPop June Update […]

The Best Remedy

May 18, 2013


AASDFGGHHGFHGHF!!! That friggin photo!! Way to tantalize me, thank you!>< *tries to calm self down* OK, BAP is doing their “Live on Earth” concerts in the States (LA, SF, DC, NYC) and I’m here on the other side of the world. They’ll visit several Asian countries next month to continue their 2013 world tour (my […]

KPop Review: BAP

March 14, 2013


Hell yeah! BAP is daebak! wanjeon daebak! (Pardon my utter nonsense here). Drats I can’t contain my love and enthusiasm for BAP anymore that I decided to branch out with my very first KPop rambling here. BAP’s “One Shot” has finally pulled the trigger for me. Been listening to BAP since half a year ago, started […]