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Review: EXO’s ‘Miracles in December’

December 8, 2013


LUHAN’S HEAVENLY VOICEEEEE!!! /UGLY SOBBING/ Oh my body’s ready to rant and rave but I think I won’t be coherent for a while. Too many damn feels plus it’s been a while since I last wrote properly. (I kinda got sucked into Tumblr and had too much fun there. Kinda embarrassing to admit but yeahh […]

KPop Review: BAP’s ‘Badman’

September 30, 2013


Time for ‘Badman’. I know this is way overdue and the excitement is long gone, but the song goes hard I got to let my thoughts out. To start off, BAP is finally back to their original hip-hop+rock root (or their signature sound, if you will) with hard-hitting music, powerful vocals, badass raps, and a profound […]

KPop Review: EXO’s ‘Growl’

September 11, 2013


So I decided to write about ‘Growl‘ prior to ‘Badman‘ just because it came out first and it was much easier to delve into than the latter. ‘Badman‘ called for intelligent commentaries and careful interpretations of the MV/lyrics, thus necessitated my active brain cells to twerk, while ‘Growl‘ on the other hand was just… pure […]

Update + Review: BAP’s ‘Hurricane’

July 29, 2013


Whew, I think I got a whiplash from going back and forth between BAP and EXO. But these two have been rollin’ at full throttle these days they set my ‘loof’ on fiyahhhh! There’s no stopping me now. News flash: BAP will soon drop their third summer title track on the heels of ‘Hurricane‘ and […]

KPop Review: BAP’s ‘Coffee Shop’

July 9, 2013


This new single is GOLDEN – and coupled with the MV, it is perfection. It is almost flawless that I seriously got nothing to nitpick on. Once again, BAP hits it out of the park with another unpredictable yet mind-blowing comeback. I planned on including my thoughts on ‘Coffee Shop‘ in the KPop June Update […]

Exotic Warrior on Fire

June 23, 2013


OH MY BAP-EXO FEELS!!! Auuuuuughh I just can’t handle this. R.I.P to me *sobs First of all, the greatest news of all: BAP is coming back on June 28th, baby!! Squeeee. And judging by the dreamy MV teaser above, I think they’re going jazz this time (oh that beautiful piano intro, I’m flying hiiiigghh). A […]

KPop Review: EXO

June 11, 2013


BAEKHYUNIIEEEEE I LOVE YOU!! 小鹿  我爱你!!!! Now you ask me what’s wrong with me. (Brace yourself for the fangirl in me!) Never in my life had I thought this would happen to me, but it did. I’ve finally fallen into the EXO trap à la the ‘Wolf‘: “好像走入你给的迷宫”. That one line of the Chinese lyrics […]

KPop: May Update

May 29, 2013


Just want to get this done before May ends – and most importantly before the hype surrounding the latest releases dies down. I feel like I’m on the verge of getting the KPop ennui. KDrama slump is already bad enough for me. Other than music and dramas there’s nothing K-ent related I enjoy much because […]